“Virtual support with smart solutions” for Bystronic customers in the Asian market

“Virtual support with smart solutions” for Bystronic customers in the Asian market

Oktober 2020

Nowadays, digital solutions and agile processes are success factors – also in the sheet metal processing industry. Thanks to its own high level of digital maturity, Bystronic is able to apply its targeted consulting services to rapidly advance the digital transformation of its customers towards the smart factory. In the “Swiss Export Journal”, Norbert Seo explains how this is being achieved in the ASEAN region.

“Our customers in Asia are also facing growing challenges: There too, the time and cost pressure is increasing. Job shops and suppliers have to respond flexibly to changing order situations, continuously expand their manufacturing spectrum, and rapidly switch between large and small series. With our intuitive software solutions, smart machines, and efficient automation systems, we boost our customers’ innovative capacity.”

In the “Swiss Export Journal”, Norbert Seo (Senior Vice President and Market Manager Asia/Australia) explains how Bystronic is supporting its customers in Asia step by step towards the smart factory – and in response to the worldwide lockdowns, also virtually. Indeed, the Bystronic experts in Southeast Asia were already pursuing the vision of supporting customers via live stream even before the pandemic hit.

Read the full story in the Swiss Export Journal 4/2020 (only in German)

(Source: “Swiss Expo Journal”, October 6, 2020 | Author: Norbert Seo)


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